Inner Shine

My day….

My day was great!  I got to spend some time with my hubby and then got to see my kiddos after school.  But if we go back to the beginning….I  am up at 6 am.  To start my day off I have a routine that I have had for quite a while.  I get up and take about twenty minutes getting myself together.  I use that time for quiet and prep for the day ahead.  My kids know not to approach me at this time because it’s kind of meditative.  I feel ready to slay the day when I get my daily time in.  My routine consists of getting my workout clothes on and doing my skincare routine and of course…makeup.  😜.  I take my time and just relax through the process. By the time I am adding my lip gloss my feet are grounded and I am ready to take on anything. I hope you have a morning routine that includes meditation, prayer and self love. We all deserve that kind of start to the day. Your approach is up to you. Just know that what you feed your mind is what you become. That meditation time is good food for your soul. You are always worth a few minutes.

-Laura Jean

Outer Shine

The Beginning.

It all started with the day my mom took me to a Clinique counter and she bought me EVERYTHING they said I needed. I was thirteen and I felt as if she had just handed me keys to a brand new car. I got full face makeup and a compete skin care regimen. It was a mind blowing experience for me. I remember how shiny the new cases were. My love for pretty cosmetics knows no bounds! Poorly designed casing completely ruins makeup for me. Half of the fun of purchasing it is seeing it shine or just look unique. I have a feeling my perspective on this subject is heavily influenced by that time with Clinique. I can’t wait to get started with some reviews of the products I currently use. For all of my love of makeup I owe my mom a thank you. You started it mom…so thank you.